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Súng TrakMaster

The fasfesf mefhod of insfalling parfioning frack

Cordless and quick to set up, users can move quickly and effectively without  restriction.

Tool Specificafions
Weight: 3.7kg
Height: 383mm
Length: 295mm
Magazine capacity: 20(+3) pin magazine, [40(+3) pin magazine accessory]
Impact force: 82J
Actuation pressure: 5kg
Overdrive: 4mm (adjustable)

Cycle Rafes

Intermittent operation 2 pins per second
Fuel cell life ð50 pins (approx)
Battery charge capacity 1,000 pins (approx)

Baffery Specificafion

Voltage 6V
Amperage 600mA
Charging Time 1 hour

Hotline: 0973.462.361
Mr.Toàn: 0974.230.466
Mr.Đồng: 0966.024.996
Mr.Tùng: 0973.467.362
Thống kê truy cập
Số người online :  0001
Lượt truy cập : 174564

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