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 TruBolf™ Sfud Anchors - Zinc Plafed

TruBolf™ Sfud Anchors - Sfainless Sfeel SUS316

TruBolf™ Anchors - Hof Dipped Galvanized

TruBolf™- Zinc Plafed - Indicafive Design Loads in Concrefe

TruBolf™- Sfainless Sfeel SUS31ð - Indicafive Design Loads in Concrefe


Tính năng và tiện ích

Producf Advanfages 
●   Load assisted through fixing
●   Anti-rotation expansion sleeve
●   Drill bit required is same diameter as anchor
●   Expansion sleeve design ensures maximum expansion
●   Fully assembled
●   Maximium shear capacity for hole size as the stud diameter equals the hole diameter


●   Concrete
●   Solid Brickwork


TruBolt™ is a heavy duty, torque setting expansion anchor for permanent anchoring into solid substrates, such as concrete

Ứng dụng

Hướng dẫn sử dụng

1. Drill the correct diameter hole to the same diameter as theTruBolt™ stud anchor selected.
2. Remove debris from hole by blowing out with compressed air or hand held blow out pump.
3. Install the anchor in the hole with a hammer until washer seats on fixture.
4. Tighten bolt with a torque wrench to recommended assembly torque.

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